Stealth announces new business plan supported by new partnership with C-Creative

12 Luglio, 2021

Stealth Electric Bikes, the tech company founded in 2008 by Australian engineer John Karambalis, a pioneer in the field of e-mobility for more than a decade, is preparing to launch a new range of products focused on urban mobility and outdoor, civilian, and military products. As part of a four-year strategic plan, Stealth has made a significant capital increase, and bought in a new shareholder, C-Creative. C-Creative was founded by Giovanni Castiglioni, one of the main players in the world of two-wheels. To date, the Australian company has focused on the production and marketing of off-road products for civil and military use. Its products, a concentration of power and technology, have for years been a reference point in their category. Inspired by the famous American bomber plane, the B-52 Bomber, Stealth’s top-of-the-line model, opened a new era in the world of high-powered electric bikes by combining the fun and agility of a mountain bike with the power and freedom of a dirt bike, leaving all competitors in its dust.

With C-Creative joining its shareholders, Stealth announces an ambitious commercial and industrial growth plan. The plan is based on a new range of high-performance off-road products and L1e-B road-legal products designed for urban commuting. Two revolutionary 250w city bikes and 250w dual purpose bikes will also go into production in 2022, designed, like the entire range of new products, from the pen of Adrian Morton, world famous designer and creator of the most iconic motorbikes of the last 25 years. Not only will Stealth focus on bicycles, electric motorbikes, innovative and revolutionary mobility solutions; It will also increase its investment in the military sector, the original inspiration for the company.

For John Karambalis, CEO of Stealth:

“This is a key moment for the future of Stealth company and I’m excited to have joined forces with such an experienced team. New developments in the market have prompted us to broaden our horizons and shape the future of the recreation and mobility sectors across the globe. Collectively we will continue to be the industry’s point of reference for engineering and design and set new benchmarks for technological advancement.”

Giovanni Castiglioni, founder of C-Creative commented:

“I have been a Stealth customer for several years now and I have never found anything more exciting in the e-bikes scene. Stealth is a brand that has a unique charm and charisma, and the C-Creative team is thrilled to be able to bring decades of experience is the world of two wheels to the company.”